Prayer for the Week


Loving God,

In these strange and turbulent times, we look to you for our strength and reassurance.

We give you thanks that you are always there for us and that on this special day, you remind us that nothing can separate us from your love in Christ Jesus, even we cannot see or feel you. We thank you that death is not the end and that you gently hold us through grief, pain, separation and sorrow, wrapping your warmth of loving comfort and strength around us.

We thank you that even in uncertain and tough times, you give us blessing, enable us to look for the positive signs of your love.

We thank you for the Spring, for new shoots and blossom on the trees, for plants pushing through the dark earth to find warmth in the sun and light.

We thank you for the stillness and the quiet, as we are all forced to stop and listen. For the breathing space that the Earth can use, to recover and rejuvenate.

We thank you for the sounds of nature, the birds who still sing, the trees that sway in the breeze and the sea that continues to rise and fall with the tide. For  the sun that still rises and sets and paints our sky with golds and reds.

We thank you that we live in such a beautiful place, with beaches, woods and country lanes and that so many people have rediscovered the blessing of being a community together as we share in the gift of time. For the colour and life all around us.

We thank you for the key workers, who selflessly work long hours to provide medical help, food, care for others and much more. For those who make difficult decisions and offer leadership in this time of crisis.

We thank you for the generosity of spirit of all those who help, support and encourage in different ways and for drawing us closer to each other.

We thank you for the diversity and opportunities that people have given in adverse circumstances. For those who have adapted and pulled together to meet the needs of so many, and for new ways of working and new skills learnt.

We thank you for the children and the fun and laughter they give, echoing on the breeze, or via technology, cards and pictures and for the time shared with them that we may never have again.

For the positive messages and creative wisdom shared on social media, in phone calls and from those who have lived through other turbulent times, who remind us of their fortitude, resilience and commitment as we follow their example.

For the little things that mean a lot, for rainbows in windows, for the waving of hands and greetings across the invisible barriers of social distancing. For the clapping of hands and improvised percussion as we take time out to say Thank you.

And on this Easter morning, we especially give thanks for the gift of Love revealed in Jesus and in so many who reflect his example and life.

We give thanks for New life, and your Holy Spirit still active and touching our lives. We pray that you will help us to see Jesus and the hope and promise you give, moving us from dark and desolate confinement to a place of joy and peace and freedom.  

And on this Easter Day we give thanks for our Risen Lord and pray your Blessing on us all.   Amen

Rev Debbie Poole

April 2020